Fidem Finance Helping People

Get Your Credit Working For You

At Fidem Finance we offer affordable financial solutions for people who:

  • Need cash quickly for everyday life
  • Auto repairs
  • Home renovation
  • Medical incidentals
  • Moving expenses
  • Unexpected bills
  • Want to improve their credit
  • Are looking for financial flexibility
  • Need to consolidate their finances
  • Currently are in bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal proceedings

Our approach is simple. We believe in getting your credit working for you! We work with you today - so you won’t need us tomorrow.

Why we do this

We believe in treating people fairly. Whatever brought you to this moment is in the past. We believe in helping people create their futures.

Our rates and fees are designed to reflect your credit situation – not punish you for it. Our flexible repayment policies are designed to free you from obligations as your situation betters – not hold you back.

How we do this

With every credit card payment, we update the credit bureaus on your account. Not all lenders do this. Keep in mind that with our “no hidden fees” promise you get the added bonus of protecting your hard-earned money from surprise charges.

Working with Fidem Finance is the best way to get fair interest rates and refresh your credit score. Working together, we can build your track record of payment performance and eventually you will be able to apply to traditional financial institutions at lower rates.