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Introducing the My Alerts program
A new tool that can help you monitor your credit card usage

Managing your credit is important and we want to ensure you have all the tools you need to stay on top of your transactions. That’s why we’re introducing My Alerts.

Register now for My Alerts on your Fidem Mastercard© Card and start getting credit card charge notifications.

The My Alerts Program

With My Alerts, you can set-up your Fidem Mastercard© Card account to get alerts that you know when there is activity on your card.
Once you register your card you can:
  • Set an alert to be notified when you are approaching your credit limit
  • Set notifications when a purchase is greater than a specified amount
  • Set an alert when activity on your account is outside of your home country
  • Set an alert for when your card is declined
  • Get an alert when your card is used when you are not present
    (i.e. an internet purchase)