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Managing Your Credit Score

It’s all about confidence

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Fidem Finance gives you the tools to build that confidence with lenders. By using Fidem Finance you can establish a credit history that builds back a track record of strong financial performance and enables lenders to offer you more at lower rates. At Fidem Finance we do more than offer financial services – we share our insight with our customers to help them use their credit wisely and to their own advantage.

Free Credit Report

Ordering your credit report

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To get a free credit report mailed to you, simply fill out the request form, photocopy two pieces of government ID and mail it in. If you want your report right away, you can go online and pay a fee to get it. Contact information for Equifax Canada and TransUnion Canada is listed below. We recommend you alternate your credit history every six months between Equifax Canada and TransUnion Canada. These two agencies collect information from a variety of sources and process it in their own proprietary way. You may find that your credit history varies from agency to agency. You may also find that something is incorrect with one agency’s report. This strategy allows you to keep up to date on your credit history and act accordingly.

Track Your Credit History

Keeping track of your credit history and credit score

A partial sample credit score report

The only person who knows what’s really is going on is you, and you are the only person who can make things right. When you keep your credit score up-to-date, odds are you will have better access to credit at better rates.

Beware… there are companies that use “free credit score” offers to get you to contact them. These companies may ask you to sign up for a service to get the “free credit score.” Some sites are set up for criminal activity to get all of your personal information and use it to fraudulently get credit. Be careful. We strongly recommend you work with reputable credit agencies.