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What makes us different

Fidem serves people who are financially responsible, but have run into problems and need help re-establishing a solid financial footing. We understand that financial plans can go off track – whether through illness, job loss, or other family circumstances. Your credit rating may fall to the point where you can’t get a credit card from your financial institution.

That’s where we come in. We take an honest and sympathetic look at your circumstances and your resources, and try our best to deliver a financial bridge to a better future.

No, we don’t approve every single application. But most of our clients are people who have had difficulty getting credit from banks or other financial institutions. They’ve faced what you’re facing now. We’ve not only provided the funds they needed, but we’ve done it with sensitivity and respect.

Maybe it’s your turn now.

Responsible lending

Fidem Finance is a responsible lender. We abide by all Provincial and Federal laws pertaining to financial institutions. We pride ourselves on being fair, transparent and responsive.

We believe credit should help you with immediate needs, and we encourage you borrow only what you need. Our credit process is designed to ensure you can afford and can repay in a timely manner. That way, your credit score will improve and you will eventually be able to again borrow from traditional financial institutions at lower rates and with higher credit limits.

We also encourage you to seek a second opinion. By all means work with a credit counselor to see what form of credit, and how much credit, is right for you.

Full disclosure at all times

We clearly disclose what interest rates and fees apply to your credit card. There are never any “hidden fees” or charges. All the terms and conditions are spelled our clearly in your Cardholder Agreement, and our customer service representatives are always happy to answer your questions.

Our privacy policy

We limit the information we collect to what we need to manage an effective customer relationship, and we use that information only for those purposes. We do not provide this information to any third party who is not directly associated with achieving that objective.

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Collecting information

We collect information in order to

  • Confirm your identity
  • Determine your eligibility for our products and services
  • Recommend the best products and services to suit your individual needs
  • Set up your accounts and provide ongoing service
  • Meet legal and regulatory requirements
  • Protect you from error and fraud

Contacting customers

Fidem Finance contacts customers through various means, including, but not limited to, telephone, email, and postal mail. Fidem Finance may work with third parties to assist in collection activities.

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Releasing information

We may provide your information to others in situations where

  • We have your consent
  • The other parties are our suppliers or agents, who assist us in serving you
  • We are required or permitted to do so by law or applicable regulators and self-regulatory organizations

Over time, we may acquire new accounts or sell some of our existing accounts. Accordingly, personal information associated with any accounts being purchased or sold may be disclosed (and collected) for such purpose, and transferred as a business asset to the new owner.

Protecting your information

We will give customers access to the information we retain about them when their identity is appropriately assessed. We will make every reasonable effort to keep information accurate and up-to-date. Physical documentation is accessible by the company until such time as we determine it is appropriate to dispose of material as no longer requiring retention.

Online security

We use cookies in some instances on our websites and on websites where we advertise or promote our products and services. This helps us better understand the effectiveness of our communications, which in turn can help us provide better service.

We may advertise on websites that show advertisements that set cookies on some of our pages and access their cookies on your computer. The use of cookies by other companies is subject to their own privacy policies, not this one.

It is important to note that advertisers or other companies do not have access to Fidem Finance cookies. Fidem uses web beacons or cookies to access Fidem cookies inside or outside our network of websites, and in connection with our products and services.

Notwithstanding the above, Fidem Finance cautions that confidentiality cannot be guaranteed for transmissions over the Internet. Internet transmissions may be vulnerable to interception, use and/or alteration by persons other than the intended recipient. If you choose to communicate via the Internet, you do so at your sole risk, and Fidem Finance hereby expressly disclaims any liability in relation thereto.

Respecting and responding to your privacy concerns

We will investigate and respond to concerns about any aspect of our handling of information. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Privacy Officer at or by calling 1-855-220-7531 and asking for the Privacy Officer.

Contact Us

No matter the concern, you should know that the people at Fidem Finance are here for you. Whether you have a simple question about applying for a credit card, or need clarification around term details, you can trust that our qualified customer service representatives will give you the answers you need. We take pride in our customers and in making it as easy as possible to work with us. There are a number of ways you can reach out to us:

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Fidem Finance Toll Free 855-220-7531
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Fidem Finance Toll Free Fax Line 866-807-6699
Fidem Mastercard® Services Inquiries 800-259-1167
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Fidem Finance Mailing Address Station ‘B’ P.O. Box 53
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